do you feel balanced
Constant input, negative stress and too much digitality are burning you out? What exactly are you missing?
The feeling when you are completely with yourself in nature. Following your instinct. All problems snapped away. That is our mission: go to nature. Be free and think of nothing. Enjoy the moment. Celebrate nature. That's what we want: feel yourself, lose the stress, regain your courage and be yourself.

KOHO – go to nature.


Two creative minds who can't help but follow their own vision.

We are Sabrina and Catherine. We met through a wonderful friend and lost again in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. By a happy coincidence, life brought us back together at just the right time. The creative free spirit and the self-contained doer. We are united by the dream of founding a label that creates functional and attractive outdoor products AND inspires people to experience life "outside" whenever possible.

We love it when things are smart AND attractive.